Day 17 Banana

How to control the brush over details? How to make the color realistically? “””””””””””””””””””””””” Ping and children like bananas. Ming is taller than me now. He always eats something in the afternoon after school. Today we bought bananas and left them on table. One was gone when we were home in the evening. Yan asked us a lot of maths questions at night. I’m glad he can understand what we explained to him. Hope he can cope well in school. #50dayschallenge #watercolor #stilllife #banana #nafa #myfamilymylife 

Day 12 Chinese Tea Pot 

Tones are added on and the volume is shown. &&&&&&&&&&&&On the calendar on Yan’s table, saw a sad face was drawn on the day I left for China and a happy face on the one I came back Singapore. Yan must be missing me a lot when I was not around. There is no right or wrong. There are only causes and consequences. #teapot #sketch #drawing #charcoaldrawing #learningart #50dayschallenge #art