Day 114

Day114 Pencil drawing on National Day. Spent my holiday in Malacca. I’m not the luckiest person who has everything he wants. But I’m one of the happiest ones as I am surrounded by people who love and cherish me a lot. There are many moments I am overwhelmed by the the unpleasant encounters with some of the colleagues. I believe it must be partially caused by my unfriendly deeds towards them. Life is to celebrate as long as you know how karma works.


Day 92-2

每一次做画的过程都很煎熬,还好是自己的脑残粉,不然很早就会放弃画画这回事了。在鉴赏自己的画这件事上,幸好我没有自知之明。强烈的我执也许源自于母亲对我的态度。记忆中一直我都是母亲的骄傲,当然这完全归功于我报喜不报忧的好习惯。再加上无论多么拙劣的作品,母亲总是会由衷的赞叹!爆棚的自信一直陪着我走到今天,希望继续陪着我走到成为画家的那一天。#watercolor #rosepainting #artjourney1000days #dailyart 

Day 91

It failed. I know. I wanted to blurrish the boundaries but ended up with neither clear nor blur. I was quite enjoying doing the details till I encountered #yukonagayama’s book. Today’s failure is not an accident. Learn the details painting first. Then use the express way for certain parts. I know what to do next. #artjourney1000days #dailyart #watercolor #failureart