Day 114

Day114 Pencil drawing on National Day. Spent my holiday in Malacca. I’m not the luckiest person who has everything he wants. But I’m one of the happiest ones as I am surrounded by people who love and cherish me a lot. There are many moments I am overwhelmed by the the unpleasant encounters with some of the colleagues. I believe it must be partially caused by my unfriendly deeds towards them. Life is to celebrate as long as you know how karma works.


Day 91

It failed. I know. I wanted to blurrish the boundaries but ended up with neither clear nor blur. I was quite enjoying doing the details till I encountered #yukonagayama’s book. Today’s failure is not an accident. Learn the details painting first. Then use the express way for certain parts. I know what to do next. #artjourney1000days #dailyart #watercolor #failureart