Day 113

#Day113 Drew it on the way to Malacca. We will spend two days there. To my surprise, I brought my laptop on the vacation. My project leader is very good. Gave me the trust and opportunities to work independently. Provided strong support when I’m in doubt. I’m motivated to work hard again. 
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Day 112

I don’t quite like sketching and painting leaves. My teacher can paint very nice trees. Maybe one of his favorite subjects. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::




Day 97

Drawing is the only thing. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

“不要忘记我,把我留在记忆中。” 爱的感受一定是相通的,不然,为什么每个爱过的人都会有感觉。挪威的森林是如此压抑的小说,爱的理由根本不重要,只有经历过才会放手,然后又重新经历,再放手。现代便利的生活和光怪陆离的信息把人类的痛苦有掩盖起来了,人们忘记了自己根本没有控制能力的事实,强迫自己做该做的,压抑自己想做的,却无法阻止要爱的。


First flower drawing was a very encouraging piece of work. It was beyond what I could imagine. But second one becomes a disaster to me. Wrong shading, wrong tone, no contours and totally flat surface. Guess this is quite normal as we need passion to start with something. Then we need practice. For sure, we will face bottleneck sooner or later. There, is where we need perseverance to stay on. No matter how small the step was, I am always one step closer to my target as long as I keep on moving forward.