Day 155

The flowers look dark and sad as they know I have to continue playing the game which I do not enjoy.


It’s not even 1/5 of my journey. No worries in achieving my goal.


Day 147 Indifferent

Wanted to try something new so chose to paint this one. It really slipped out of my mind. I should congratulate myself as I see the whole thing with a great amusement. What a funny word to be used when it appears in that post.


Submitted the proof correction. Within one week it should be published.

Day 141 Black and White

I’m getting more negative than yesterday. It’s better for me to isolate myself from everyone else for a while. Here I am, my drawing. Even there are mistakes in you, I still love you and I know, you love me as well. #artjourney1000days #art #singapore #watercolor #stilllife #painting

Day 140 Glass cup

It is uncontrollable when you have the urge to speak the unfairness out. Sometimes I so eagerly need someone to encourage me and tell me everything would be ok. The only peace I’m able to find is in my drawing. My soul resides in my drawings.


Spent mostly a whole day in astar. Was so happy because there’s no need to justify my existence there.#watercolor #monotone #artjourney1000days #art #singapore #stilllife #painting