Instead of mixing the colors in palette, I will layer them up next time. It is the combination of 2-3 colors after all. #artjourney1000days #closeup #watercolor



Will put mango aside for a while. Teacher said I have no choice but to lower the bar so I can achieve something. He suggested me to move on to other subject matters to gain new skills which are more not obviously applicable for mango. I can revisit mango after trying different things. The path is not mechanical at all. It can be dynamic and impromptu. Just remember the three ‘P’s. What are they? Let’s talk about it in another occasion. #cutmango #watercolor #artjourney1000days


Whole day attended a Grant Writing Workshop. The father and son are very passionate about what they are doing. Was aspired to run my own business. I know I’m very negative now. The good working environment which I used to have does no longer exist. I should mingle with people who are positive and kind and wise. I should focus on my objectives. I should pursue my dream. The rest are all not important.


Another practice. Hopefully it will be good.


An art classmate shared with us that one of her friends recently relieved from the haunting thoughts of being the victim of breast cancer. The good news is that it is not malignant. But it made her friend reflected her life and decided to pursue her dreams without delay. Yes, we can fake our feelings to please people around, to make peace with everyone, to think beyond oneself and devote to a higher purpose. But in the end, who cares what we really want. People judge you based on what they can benefit from your existence. True loves from our family members, from ourselves, are scarcely found nowadays, I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. If we ourselves not pay attention to our inner voice and give the full support to what we or our loved ones want to pursue, who else is in charge?


Mastering of color is my next challenge.


I have a narrower mind than I thought. I like to enforce my view to others that could cause even the closest friend feel uncomfortable. I’m over confident in my wit and forgot it takes a lifetime to learn and experiment to find the truth. I’m yet to call myself wise but couldn’t wait to advise others who are more humble than I am.

My reflection of the day.

First trial on the close up project. Colors are not bright enough.