Day 122

A quick sketching practice. Needed to pass through a pencil sketching class to wash my brushes yesterday. Some of them are really skillful in in controlling the lines, shadow and shapes. Inspired. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

交了报告,心中一块大石终于放下了。我已很久没有好好照顾一下自己了,有人看到我竟然会说你看起来好累哦!不过日子过得越来越亮堂了。好开心。#artjourney1000days #luciashen #art #singapore #dailyart #sketch #pencildrawing 

Day 121

Again, almost fell asleep in the class. Painting the apple was not fun. I had the same feeling when I started painting using watercolor. Hopefully it won’t take me too long this time to overcome the frustration. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Didn’t paint for last two days. Project has some hurdles to overcome, and all of a sudden I have to be involved in applied learning. I was sitting there watching my teacher painting the apple tonight. I asked myself, “am I reaching my limit already?” #art #oilpainting #luciashen #artjourney1000days #singapore 

Day 120

A little progress. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::It hurt me when I sensed that he did it deliberately. The more he behaved indifferently, the more obvious that he couldn’t let it go. I had to pretend I didn’t notice anything in order to keep the conversation going. I had no choice but behaved similarly to him — covering up the true feelings. On this point, z is truer than him. Z’s action reflects what he thinks or feels outrightly. I may have given up making z to like me. But there is no doubt that z is more straightforward and I like to deal with people who behaves truthfully. Given that it is his second nature to hide the true feelings, I believe he’s already tried his best to cope with the change between us. I have no resentment on everything. Of cos, no hope as well. #art #painting #flower #luciashen #artjourney1000days #watercolor

Day 119

Why counting days? Where the journey will lead me to? I had thousands of such thoughts in my mind tonight. Kind of down and didn’t know what kind of life I want to live. Until my dearest yan told me so many jokes and I almost cried many times for his funny actions and performance. And only in the end I realized that what makes him happy is just to see mum is happy. 
Not for others, not for myself. My children are the outmost meaning of my life. #dailyart #watercolor #artjourney1000days #luciashen #flower #painting #art